The Slant Factory Art Space



From Early 2012 to the Spring of 2014 The Slant Factory Art Space served as an alternative art exhibition space in Charles Town, WV. Established by myself and two other BFA students from Shepherd University, The Slant Factory was created to serve as a one time exhibition space for our senior capstone exhibitions. Because of the success of our original art exhibition and the support received from faculty and the community we decided to continue to host monthly one night only art and music exhibitions.

What was originally the first Ford Garage in Jefferson County, WV, the Slant Factory was created in an unused second floor of a commercial building. In need of serious restoration, the owner allowed us to use the building free of cost in exchange for restoration work. We spent the months preceding our exhibition building walls, painting, fixing floor boards andinstalling hand rails, with most of the work taking place during our spring break. Our first exhibit Relic, took place in March of 2012 and was an enormous success.

After graduation in May, the three of us spent the Summer discussing the future of the space, and after getting a go ahead from the owner began planning exhibitions for the fall of 2012. We hosted an exhibition a month from September-November, and received enormous praise and support from the community. We were featured in a couple of local newspapers, collaborated with The Thought Lot out of Shippensburg,PA and In December of 2012 received a grant from the Jefferson County Arts and Humanities Board. With help from our new grant we were able to make further improvements on our space and continue to host monthly exhibitions.

For more info and images please refer to our facebook page:



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