Revolutionary: Being American Today

The Exhibition I curated for the Kennedy Heights Art Center closed last Saturday March 7. Installation Photos are now available for view on the exhibition page. I am so pleased with how the exhibition turned out, the many events we had and so thankful to all who came and all the artists who participated.

Please check out this wonderful review of the exhibition published with AEQAI: Refusals and Offerings: Revolutionary Identity at the Kennedy Heights Art Center

2019, Bye

2019 has been a real bear of a year, and is maybe why I have not updated my website since August of 2018. From both Nathan and I starting new jobs to buying our first house and dealing everything that comes from home-ownership, plus our doggo being sick and Nathan being gone for five months…I am looking forward to this new decade.

I spent my fall semester overwhelmed with reading and writing thanks to the 600 level Creative Writing Workshop I somehow snuck my way into. While the coursework was definitely stressful I feel as though I have grown in my abilities as a writer and in my ability to analyze and critique the work of others. My passion for the strength of words is renewed. We also read a lot of incredible authors whose work I was unfamiliar with including Lauren Groff and Inger Christensen.

Throughout the course I mainly worked on improving my abilities as an arts writer and shared seven reviews with my fellow classmates who provided critical feedback and greatly helped me to improve how I approach the reviews I write. I also experimented with writing poetry and prose and hope to continue both going forward.

So Here I would like to share two pieces I developed over the course of the semester, the first a review I wrote of Ebony Patterson’s ...while the dew is still on the roses... at the Speed Art Museum, and the second, a short story piece I wrote titled Cat Neighborhood. Cat Neighborhood is loosely based on reality but at the advice of some of classmates I altered the truth to make the story work better. Feel free to share any feedback.




New Essays + Reviews to enjoy with your morning coffee or evening bourbon

I’ve been working hard to actively contribute to some local/regional art criticism blogs, here is a list of my most recent reviews:

Image: John C. Kacere, Light Purple Panties, Zippered Slip, 1971; oil on canvas. From “Breaking the Mold: Investigating Gender at the Speed Art Museum”
  1. Review of “Breaking the Mold: Investigating Gender at the Speed Art Museum” for Burnaway.
  2. Review of “Visions of Power: Artists Exploring Personal and Collective Change” at 1619 Flux Art in Louisville, for Ruckus.
  3. Review of “Grounding” at Moremen Moloney Gallery in Louisville, for Ruckus Louisville.
  4. Lastly, I was also super honored to be included in the 3rd issue of Boshemia Magazine “Bodies”. Head to their site to order a copy + check out all the other great writing they are doing.



New Review: Her/Hair at the Huff Gallery

Luca Cruzat, “Entangle 1” Horsetail hair, 2016

Check out my latest review posted on The Hite Aegis Review . The artists who exhibit work in Her/Hair an exhibition of female printmakers at the Huff Gallery, part of Spalding University,in Louisville, KY, each use either physical hair within their work, or explore its cultural and social standing thematically. For some this involves personal and intimate expression, for others a way of remembering the past and the importance of family.

Film Projects


Trying, in my free time to take more photos. For a while now i have been interested in exploring the way we view the idea of home–focusing more on the people that make us feel at home, and less on the places. I am trying to show this by creating multiple exposures on a single film strip to demonstrate how places and environments change, and even individuals change, but remain as safety nets for us.